No rewards in the laptop browser, even though they are available in my android browser


I have some Brave rewards in android browser, but none in the laptop browser, even after syncing the two devices using Sync chain.

In the laptop browser, it says that the rewards are not yet available for my region.

Are Brave rewards different on different devices even after syncing?

Yes, it’s separate wallet. For now, you will get different wallet (persona) for every Brave that you have.

Brave Sync for now only sync your bookmarks across devices. The team is working to implement wallet sync.


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@eljuno what’s the logic behind only some devices get ads and are rewarded with BAT while others are not? I live in UAE. I was rewarded with BAT on my PC( I didnt see a single ad, but still I got it and it was increasing over time -I was very happy I was rewarding my fav publishers on youtube, for the first time!). Now I see ads on my android but not on my PC. Brave ads are not supported in UAE, I know, but why android and why not PC? I am confused.

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