Accumulated Rewards not the same between mobile and desktop

I’m a new Brave user (just a couple weeks) and don’t really get how all this BAT, Rewards, etc stuff is supposed to work, but it seems like if I have sync set up (I do, mobile (v 1.19.86) and desktop (1.18.77) instances on the chain) then the displayed Rewards should be the same on both. I show 0 BAT on mobile and 2.53 BAT on desktop. Shouldn’t this be a shared value?

I see nothing obvious when I fumble around in settings. The only thing I can think of which might be an issue is that I run pihole on a Raspberry Pi. Might it be blocking some necessary traffic?

Edit: After seeing a mention of SafetyNet in another thread regarding Android, I downloaded and ran it on my Pixel 3. It passed.

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Brave Sync don’t sync Rewards data. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for that clarification. Still, shouldn’t the rewards shown on both Android and Desktop match? Maybe there’s some other way the two should be connected? A login I’m missing in some way? It seems a bit crazy that rewards accumulated by the same person on multiple devices wouldn’t be aggregated into one lump.

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You can connect up to 4 browsers wallet to Uphold.

It’ll sync the total balance.

Thanks. Looks like I’m on my way.

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