Rewards not received on uphold wallet for 2nd month in a row

Hi, I haven’t received my BAT rewards for second month in a row. I use uphold wallet and it is verified. Can someone help me with the issue.
Additionally I haven’t received the bonus BAT since I read that the user who had problems with uphold and gemini as described by @steeven will be compensated with bonus rewards.
Thank you!

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Did you see this?

My wallet has been verified from 2020. Where could I find Uphold’s CDD?. There are no popup or relevant tabs. I lost approximately 1.7 of my BAT from the previous month (still haven’t received it). This month could be identical.

As I understand it, you have to go to the Uphold site and log in from there. I don’t think logging in from your link in Brave Rewards will work - it will not prompt you to complete CDD.

@vict_ph CDD shouldn’t be it. Typically that would have been done closer to when you first verified with them. Like if they asked for your social security number, date of birth, copy of identification, etc or similar details. Also to make sure your email was verified and all. That’s essentially CDD/KYC. It can randomly pop up after, but it hardly ever has to.

Do you mean December’s pay that should have arrived in January? If so, you’ll need to DM @steeven, @Mattches , or @SaltyBanana (please only pick one, DM them, and then be patient) with your Wallet ID that you can see in brave://rewards-internals/ and let them know you haven’t received pay from past couple months and hope they can review for any issues.

Those three I linked are employed with Brave and have access to things we can’t. Don’t share your wallet with others, only with them. So definitely don’t post here or w/e. I say only message one because if multiple try to help, it can cause issues. So choose one and stick with them a bit. But realize they each handle thousands of messages each day, so it might take a while to get back to you.

@shane1978 Since you’re saying multiple months with no payout, I’d suggest you follow the instructions I just posted in the comment above.

@Saoiray I thought Uphold was doing advanced/additional CDD, starting some time in January? Here’s the additional infomation they want:

Proof of funds - why we may need it and what you should provide

@vict_ph In case I confused the issue… DM the moderators as @Saoiray said but I would also just go check Uphold account by logging in on their website if you haven’t recently. Wouldn’t take but a minute and couldn’t hurt. Good luck! :smiley:

Not that I’m aware of. They haven’t reached out to me to ask for it. It’s not like I know everything. Just can say from my own account and all the bouncing around on this forum, I haven’t seen that as a recent happening.


Like if they asked for your social security number, date of birth, copy of identification, etc or similar details.

I couldn’t remember did they asked or not when I created the account and my email was verified.

Do you mean December’s pay that should have arrived in January?

Yes, I already sent a DM to @steeven yesterday.

@Chocoholic I did it as per your suggestions. Logged out and signed in again from their site, not in Brave Rewards but there is still no hope.

@Saoiray Dunno. I remember seeing complaints about it, especially the providing bank statements. Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that it triggers when you have certain $amount transactions, but I might be remembering that wrong… dunno! Also, if I didn’t see it here (thought it was here), it may have been reddit posts? Too much information in too many places!! lol

I’m gonna leave this one to you. I’m just confusing the issue. Take care all. :slight_smile:

@vict_ph There is always hope! :smiley: Just be patient. May need to be persistent too. :wink:

Just keep the hope alive!

@Chocoholic haha, you’re good. I know what posts you’re talking about. Those were people who were trying to create their first wallets and they were frustrated they had to provide information. They also weren’t properly understanding it and thought they had to provide ALL of those details and more info, even though it states you only need to provide one from each, for what’s relevant. lol

@Saoiray Ahhh, mystery solved. Thanks for setting the record straight. :smiley:

Hi @Saoiray
thank you for the reply, I had problems with verifying my Uphold wallet with all the data they required to be sent, I was in contact with them since November and it was finally resolved by the end of January and by that time I already missed the BAT rewards for January and also it seems for February. I will contact one of the three people you mentioned and be patient.
Thanks again for the reply!

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It’s still possible that you have something coming this month if things are verified and good on your wallet since last month. I’m not sure if you saw my PSA message that I did the other day but the payouts only start on the seventh of each month. Quickest I’ve seen them get everybody paid out it’s like five or seven days. And the longest I’ve had to wait to receive my payout was until the 28th of one of the months (I think it was, go by date in post if you see it). And I know that I still have not received my desktop rewards yet.

It is going to be wonderful when they finish up everything they are working on now to be able to expand on Brave wallet and all that stuff. Until then it’s just a matter of time and patience. Try to tell everyone we at least have a really good browser here and we eventually get paid for it. Maybe not a whole lot but it’s the only browser that is putting money in our pockets.

yes, I received some BAT but only small amount so not really sure whether that is all that it is due to arrive. I love Brave browser so I have no problem with waiting.
Thanks again for your help I already sent message to Steeven.

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