Rewards not deposited to Verified Uphold wallet

Hi Support team,

I have Brave publisher account and verified Uphold member since Nov2019. Every month it says tips are deposited but it doesn’t show up in Brave rewards balance or Uphold wallet.
My account doesn’t seem suspended or under review.

Every month it shows BAT deposited and Brave Settled deposit date empty.


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Hello, I have a similar problem, I have made a post and they doesn`t answer me, much less give me a solution.

They have designed a project that clearly doesn`'t work, they create a support team that doesn’t respond.

That they better dedicate themselves to cleaning stairs …

That’s also my problem sir… I have tips on my Youtube channel but it is not credited in my uphold cards… =(

Same .problem my website not credit in uphold

That simply isn’t true… Devs responded promptly & transparently. See this thread:


PS. And check the 2nd thread too:

Hello to all,

Same Here!!!

I got the same problem

Bahşişlerim brave yada uphold cüzdanıma aktarılmadı

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