New Android Phone

I have a new android mobile phone. Do I get my 120 BAT from my old android mobile phone?

I have a code with twenty four words but I don’t know if this is from my pc version.

This one is from desktop version.

Rewards on mobile have no backup feature yet. So it’s not possible to move your BAT to the new device.

Why isn’t this option built in? Are we able to tip ourselves (from mobile to site) in order to get our BAT?

Development can take times @bigt2000. Thanks for your patience.

I would not suggest to do self-tipping. It may (or may not) trigger the anti-fraud system.

Development can take times (oh! I use the same word again). I would like to wait patiently, kept it in my brave:rewards wallet, until the withdrawal functionality is implemented.

Or the other default option, use it to support your favorite creators. That way, we can help to make the ecosystem works .

But as far as I’m aware of, there’s no restriction for BAT that you earned from Brave Ads. Because it’s yours .

I did a Syncronisation with my brave version on Tablet. The version from my mobile phone is be listed on devices sync. will therr be a possibility in the future to get this bat throw sync. function?

The thing is, I switched phones (from an LG G6 to an LG V40) and for whatever reason Brave on my V40 doesn’t offer the Rewards program. So I have $10.00 in BAT that is stuck on my LG G6.

I understand that development takes time, but the ability to link your BAT from your mobile browser to your Uphold account, or even provide an option to backup your wallet like on the desktop should be in the mobile version. It isn’t a special feature when it is critical to being able to receive the BAT you earn from ads.

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