BAT and Android Phones

I currently have 18.5 BAT in my Brave wallet on Android, 10 of these BAT tokens appeared in my wallet on Wednesday night is there any way to move them to my Uphold wallet? Grateful for any input. Cheers.

If you click on the BAT icon & see “verify wallet” top left as seen in the above screenshot, then click on verify wallet & follow the instructions. However if you only see “your wallet” it’s not possible maybe if you become a publisher.

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Thanks I’ll try that now but I am already a publisher. Many thanks though. :+1:

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No it didn’t work. Nevermind I’ll get there in the end I suppose. Thanks for your time anyway.

@trampolene currently there’s no way to do that. Steps @Fredbarasa mentioned above is only available on desktop. Mobile version support is coming.

For now you can kept it in your in-browser wallet. Or use it to support your favorite creators.

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:thinking: thanks for letting me know​:+1:

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