Android app; transfer BAT

Hello all,

Just had to have my phone replaced under warranty, so I’m transfering everything over, but have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to transfer my significant amount of BAT to my new phone. I’ve also signed up for an Uphold account, bit Brave doesn’t seem to be listed under integration (not that it matters, I can’t find the wallet key or anything in Brave anyway)

Can anyone help? I’d hate to know I’ve wasted a bunch of time on ads and have to throw away money when I return my old phone. I’m using Android.

EDIT: I thought I’d be clever and register my GitHub as a publisher, since it is probably something I should do anyway and I would be able to tip myself to transfer presumably. However, I’m not receiving the “login email” no matter how many times I attempt. Incredibly frustrating

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