Where did my Brave Rewards go?

Hello Hello

So, i just have a little problem, since september, i don’t get any more brave rewards

Before that, my last in August was 6 BAT

Every mounth, i have +/- 5 BAT

I already have this trouble a year ago, i lose 2 - 3 month brave rewards too

This year, same problem again, so, my question : how to fix that ?
And how can i get my +/- 15 BAT lost ?

Thx for your help =D

Same problem here. The last time i received BATs on my Uphold was Sep 8. Also every month my rewards counter freezes at about 1.50 BATs although i go on browsing. My estimate is that i should collect about 3 BATs monthly on average.

Tnx for the help.

Well, yeah, look like we have +/- the same issu, but no one know how to solve it Q_Q

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