Rewards for referrals. Do your best and get back injustice. It was really bad

When talking about the brave browser, most people probably know about it, its real attraction beyond speed, security, is that they can make money through the BAT Token reward.

  1. Unjust! Why let us consider this issue.
  • We can earn BAT Token by watching ads, creating themes and tips, sharing the browser for everyone, view ads, create topics, tips, it’s attractive, but not all regions can earn BAT Token with ads.
  • Personally, my ads cannot be viewed in my area. As far as I know, currently only countries like USA, Germany, UK … can earn BAT Token from advertising
  • In other areas, you can only earn BAT Token by introducing users to download and use the Brave browser for 30 days, will receive a $ 5 reward with BAT Token.
  1. Unsupported areas for viewing ads. And get more injustice, unfair, not worthy of what we have contributed
  • Disadvantaged and now unjust. From October 1, 2019 referral rewards will be changed region by region
  • The most disappointing thing is to announce a regional payout change at the end of October. We will never waste a month to go all out, wholeheartedly, to receive $ 1 for 1 30-day browser users.
  • Everyone can get more if they are in areas 1 and 2, personally I am in Vietnam (area 5 - 1 $ / 30 days. Funny)
  • Normally 20 months of referral of 20 people will get 100 , now introduce 20 people to 20 . If the ref recruiting masters, they can still earn a lot of BAT, but individuals like me want to recruit a ref, that’s a problem.
  • What people will think about this way of doing Brave, and I am no longer interested, enthusiastic about making money with Brave browser.
    ( Not only am I personally disappointed with this discriminatory and discriminatory change, but even a community of members such as BAT Fan’s has been greatly affected. The number of BAT Fan’s has now decreased by one third compared to September 2019 )
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