New user at brave browser

Hello i am new user here, may I ask if I can earn rewards even im not using the browser for about 30 days? I’m using brave browser yesterday and I wanna know if I am already eligible for the rewards or i need to refer? Thanks a lot.

Hoping for your response. Thanks!

Hi @kikodes12, Welcome to Community!
Rewards are paid out once a month, If you go to brave://rewards/, you’ll see your payment day for Rewards, that updates each month after payouts. You don’t need to refer for Rewards, as long as you have it enabled, you’ll be served ads to receive BAT.

Thanks a lot! But how can I earn if im not a content creator? I’ve been using brave browser for about a week and I dont have any rewards from my channels.

Can I get some clarification on your question? Are you asking as a creator or as a user? I ask because you reference your “channel” but also say you’re not a “creator”.

I dont received BAT rewards on BAT.

Which one @kikodes12? (creator) or brave:rewards (user) ?

Yes, also I don’t receive any brave ads this month. I’m from Philippines.

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