Questions about Brave Rewards


Hello everybody!
I would appreciate if you can help me with the following questions:

"Get Rewarded for Browsing!"
The way in which this phrase is written gives me to understand that the BATs received are mine and that I can do with them what I want.
This is being exploited by unscrupulous “content creators” who make people download Brave for the sole purpose of benefiting themselves with the referral program. That is, receive the reward for getting others to download Brave.
They do not bother to clarify that the BATs that could be received are intended to be donated to content creators.

Brave is doing something to avoid these bad practices?

“Earn tokens for your attention to ads and pay it forward to support content creators you value!”

“Your attention is valuable. Earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and pay it forward to support content creators you love.”

So far I have clear that the BATs received monthly only for browsing (and that are not always delivered) are those that are intended for content creators and I can not keep them. Do the BATs received by viewing ads have the same treatment?

If I’m not a content creator, is there any way to get a reward without being forced then to distribute it?

Suppose I am a content creator and that in my blog I share my referral link inviting others to download Brave. Is it safe that I will receive the rewards or may it happen that I do not receive them because there is not enough “stock”?

The question is because I have registered my blog but I do not have content yet. So I do not expect to be rewarded as a content creator yet. But I have invited some relatives to download Brave using my referral link. I am sure that at least one of them has download it. However, I have not received any reward.

Sorry for so many questions but after having read the documentation it has not been clear to me.


Hi @arturosimon,

I think this one is for the ability to earn BAT while you browsing by watching to Brave Ads.

BAT that you earned from Brave Ads is yours. But BAT from BAT grants (the one that have expiration date) is mean to help user try the Rewards system.

For BAT that you earned, it’s your own choice. You can keep it for now, and in the future, you’ll be able to withdraw/redeem it, or use it to give back to your favorite publisher/creator.

Brave Ads. Once it’s fully implemented and available globally.

It’s safe to assume that you will receive BAT for every confirmed referral. Until there’s a further notice from the team.

Hope that can help answer your questions.
Let me know if it’s still unclear.


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Of course, my doubts are resolved by now. It is good to meet people like you who are willing to help. Thank you so much!

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I am kyc verified at uphold my uphold account is linked still am not getting my BATs tokens paid to uphold. And I am from India so I dont think still I can view ads?


@shiladitya please open a new thread for your issue.