Earn BAT tokens just by browsing with Brave?

Good day everyone, I just wanna ask if we can really earn BAT token just by browsing (me and my referrals) with Brave browser? or just by the tips and new users invited?

sorry for the noob question :hugs:

Apologies for late response @Gwapoman,

Brave Ads not available yet. Ads preview is available on Dev channel. The team is still working and testing it.


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it’s ok! so for now the way to earn from using brave is from tips, referrals and the monthly grants? additional question, are there plans.to put up a browser wallet for mobile? if Yes, any target dates? thanks in advance :hugs:

Yes. For publishers, they can start receiving BAT from Brave users contribution and tips and referral program. And BAT grants for users to try the Rewards system.

Yes! There’s a plan for Brave Rewards on mobile. No ETA so far. The team is actively working on it. It may land on Android first, and later on iOS.

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thank you for the replies…have a good day!

yes just by using brave browser you will earn bat tokens evry month paid 1 time a month. the bat. token programme pay user for using their browsers by sharing money that they get from ad.s that use r data

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