Rewards drooped significantly last two months

For the last two months I received only a small fraction of the rewards that were estimated to be earned. For the last year I was getting about 25 BAT per month and just now I received 2.5 for August and my viewing habits haven’t changed. I see about the same number of ads every month. Can someone please tell me what has happened to the rewards program to cause this reduction?


My opinion, the business model don’t work when ETH gas is extremely high @ around 400 gwei right now. No other option but to adjust accordingly.

Same issue here. Been using Brave since the first launch and have been a strong supporter of Brave and the BAT project. Now this is getting ridiculous. Verified user and registered Brave publisher for a long time. No change in browsing habits, no change in amount of ads seen or clicked, the only that that has changed is my payouts versus the estimated payouts. Average 30-40 BAT a month and had no problem with payouts until last month and this month. I’m starting to feel like the Brave team is getting greedy and don’t want to payout to the community what they’re owed. It was all fun and games until BAT hit $0.45 per token. I’ve opened a support ticked about this as well but I don’t hold any hope in getting this resolved.

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Please post their reply or resolution to your trouble ticket because I would like to know what they say.

Same thing happening with me for last two months. Seeing fraction of rewards.
This is beginning to be less attractive now!

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