Rewards. Changed region

hey, how can I change my region since I moved to another country?

To change the region in your browser, you need to reset the rewards. Basically it will create a new rewards account. You will loose the current earnings. If you are not verified with Uphold or Gemini, you will also loose your balance.

If you are verified with Uphold or Gemini, you need to change it there as well. And you need to do KYC.

However, be aware of the following problem. You must do the KYC with an ID issued by the new country. This is because the country they share with Brave is the country of nationality, not the country of residence.
A simple example, imagine that your are French and you move to UK. You hold a French passport. You update your address with Uphold showing your residence permit in UK. However, the country they share with Brave is France because your passport was issued by France. This will result in a region mismatch. You are in UK, your browser is set with UK, but Brave get’s France from Uphold.

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So if I am russian and I moved to another country - there’s no way to participate in reward system?

пт, 24 мар. 2023 г. в 17:11, Rodrige via Brave Community <>:

Not, unless you have some kind of ID document issued by the country you are living in. Usually, exchanges only accept passport, national ID and in some cases driving license.

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