¿How to change the region on Brave? BRAVE WE NEED THA OPTION

Hi, I’m from CA, I downloaded this browser for the amazing features it has, but recently I’ve been experiencing some issues getting my brave rewards. My country is not allowed (hopefully momentarily), so when I discover the option to change the region I get exited, but unfortunately some familiar change the region to my real region. I want to change it again, but now to US. So if someone knows how to do it, please answer this. And for Brave (Developers) please add this feature (Change the region any times as it need it).

Before the end, my region was accepted in the past. IDK what happened.

Which CA are you referencing?

Yet again, why I have to ask which CA, because usually Americans see it and think California. And if you said CA to mean Canada, that would only make sense if you’re thinking about Gemini…but you tagged Uphold on your topic.

No such thing exists. It was to choose your country. Which is to say where you actually live. And, as you later found out, if you wish to link to a custodial partner then you must have verified that you actually live in the country you selected.

As you can imagine, this was done because of all the fraud. Many people were claiming to be places that they weren’t and are trying to abuse systems. Brave is having to get a little stricter on this.

If you tried choosing a different country for some reason, then your only option is to Reset your Rewards. This will delete all BAT in your browser and you will be starting Rewards fresh. Once this happens, you will be able to choose a country. For you to say you wish to change it to US, I hope that you actually live in the US. Should you choose US and try to connect to Uphold that is not verified for US, then you’ll have the same problem as you are now and will have to reset again, losing your BAT once more.

This would be the complete opposite of why it’s implemented. This has been done to prevent people trying to use deceit. It’s very easy if you just honestly choose which country you live and have verified.

Answer may vary depending on which country you’re actually in.

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