¿como puedo cambiar de region?

buen dia, seleccione una region diferente a la que estoy registrado en uphold por error, alguien sabe como puedo cambiarlo, no me deja vincular mi billtera con uphold, gracias

@Leon3 Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, you can’t change the country once you select it. If you chose a different country, your only option will be to Reset your Rewards. Of course, this will cause all BAT stored in the browser to disappear and you will be starting Rewards all over again.

To do this, you go to SettingsRewardsManage Brave RewardsReset -Reset.

I’ll point to it and circle it in my own screenshot:

Once you click on that, it opens this screen:

Photos 12_21_2022 19_51_44

You then click on Reset, as I circled and drew arrows pointing. for #1. Then hit the bigger Reset marked #2.

The, just to make sure it wasn’t on accident, you’ll be prompted once more, asking if you want to reset it.

Once you go through that, your Rewards will be reset. The page will bring you to the default, where you can start earning Rewards. This is because when you Reset, you’re starting over. You’ll go through everything and select your country.

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