Question about the last update

With the latest update, it asks the country you live in, what is the innovation when you choose the country we live in?

thanks …

Hello @Arican, thank you for bringing it up. This is just for verification purposes in case you use our rewards program since choosing your country matches the ID documents (e.g., the passport or driver’s license) that you would use to ID verify with Uphold or Gemini account.

You can change your region by resetting. But the most important thing is that your country selection matches your Uphold/Gemini account region. Then, you shouldn’t run into any problems. hope it resolves your concern. Regards.


thanks… where can i do region reset

You can resolve this issue in full by starting a new Rewards profile.

It can be reset in brave://rewards > Manage Brave Rewards > Reset.

Thank you

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is there any solution other than starting new rewards?

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