How to change region?

I’m British and live in Germany, I have chosen Germany as region but I have just read that riegon is binded with the passport, how do I change the region on Android browser?

You have to reset your Rewards. In doing so, you’ll likely lose any BAT you had. But there’s no other option at this time.

To reset you go SettingsRewardsManage Brave RewardsReset

U will still face the same problem :joy::joy:

I reset the rewards, shame I lost the ones I had, thanks for replying.
Kind regards

Your needing to be honest and state the location your at you may have to refill your account and transfer by tip to your old account to the new uphold.account you made

What do you mean exactly by needing to be honest? What are you implying?

When the question asked what region I replied honestly, only after did I read it’s liked to your passport

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@Breakingbud So make a new account in your region upload the account for the region your in wether it’s uphold or gemeni make a new account that you can and will be able to tip your bat. To your new account that you made in your proper region that your in

@batt just don’t don’t forget to view your favorite apps and creators to help them stay functioning to allow you and others to continue to view

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