Rewards are in uphold card and brave check an other for my balance

My rewards are always at 0 since 1 month but my uphold balance is ok how update it ?

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@sampson help me please

@Mattches @sampson @eljuno @steeven is there someone?

Hello, @hihouhou. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but are you saying your rewards (estimated earnings, perhaps?) on brave://rewards are shown as 0, but you are receiving rewards into your Uphold card? If you’re able to share a screenshot (removing/obscuring any sensitive information), please do. Thank you!

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any news @sampson ? pm for pictures

I’m sorry, @hihouhou. I’m not confident I understand the issue you’re reporting. Could it be related to our halting of BAT transfers from wallets to accounts, as was announced today?

no, my problem is since more than 1 week brave-browser check an uphold card for balance view but rewards are send to an other card so my sold is always at 0 in my browser and my sold at uphold seems ok

I contact you directly by pm today, nothing, is it possible to have any informations?

I’m sorry, @hihouhou, but I’m having trouble understanding the problem. What does “my sold is always at 0”? Apologies, I do hope to better understand the issue and assist however I am able.

I sent to you pictures about that

no news for the report… :frowning: