Rewards are in uphold card and brave check an other for my balance

My rewards are always at 0 since 1 month but my uphold balance is ok how update it ?

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@sampson help me please

@Mattches @sampson @eljuno @steeven is there someone?

Hello, @hihouhou. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but are you saying your rewards (estimated earnings, perhaps?) on brave://rewards are shown as 0, but you are receiving rewards into your Uphold card? If you’re able to share a screenshot (removing/obscuring any sensitive information), please do. Thank you!

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any news @sampson ? pm for pictures

I’m sorry, @hihouhou. I’m not confident I understand the issue you’re reporting. Could it be related to our halting of BAT transfers from wallets to accounts, as was announced today?

no, my problem is since more than 1 week brave-browser check an uphold card for balance view but rewards are send to an other card so my sold is always at 0 in my browser and my sold at uphold seems ok

I contact you directly by pm today, nothing, is it possible to have any informations?

I’m sorry, @hihouhou, but I’m having trouble understanding the problem. What does “my sold is always at 0”? Apologies, I do hope to better understand the issue and assist however I am able.

I sent to you pictures about that

no news for the report… :frowning:

still waiting a solution…

no news for the report… :frowning:

Hey @hihouhou,

Let me try to help you out with your issue!

First of all let me know how many “PCs’” are connected to your uphold account and also how many “Brave Uphold Cards” are available in your uphold account?

I have 2 pcs (windows/linux).
about “Brave Uphold Cards” , I had 7 cards in relation with Brave (publisher included)

Okay! Did you received last month’s rewards yet?

If not then if you have bats in your uphold wallet then try to send random amount of bats on each of your BAT Uphold Cards one by one till you see bats appear in your browser’s rewards panel.

Once you see bats appear in your browser rewards panel, go to uphold and see which uphold card has same amount of bats as your rewards panel, that uphold card is synced with your browser.

You can rename that uphold card to “Main Card or whatever you want” and send all your bats from other uphold card to that particular uphold card, this way you can see your uphold wallet bats in your rewards panel.

Hope this gives you answers and if you still have any questions feel free to ask.

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you’r the boss! I tried whith Preference modification and it works until no disconnect/reconnect uphold… I renamed it , disconnect/reconnect it and it works !
Only missing now my rewards for september :slight_smile:

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