BAT is not reflected in my Uphold account (I want an answer)

Good day,

For a few months it appears to me reflected in Brave Rewards that I have a certain amount of BAT, but when claiming them I look in my Uphold wallet and the BAT claimed does not appear, on the 8th this month I received 1,250 BAT 0.95 USD and they are not reflected in my Uphold wallet.

Can someone help me to know why this happens that the profits are not reflected in my wallet.

A few days ago I made a publication and a certain Steeven from support answered me and closed the post.

and they have certainly not given me an answer to the problem, this month I have rewards for claiming and again they will be lost because I claim them and they do not appear in my wallet

@SantosVillalba can you share a screenshot of your rewards panel?

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