Recovering Rewards from Previous PC

I recently had to send my regular PC off for repair. It meant setting up with this one, but when it came to Brave I had to reinstall it as my browser. Unfortunately, the BATS rewards I had built up using my previous PC did not come with it. How do I recover those?

So you just want access to your Rewards wallet while the regular PC is in for repair? If so, do you have your wallet seed/backup phrase? You’ll need it to restore your wallet data in the newly installed instance of Brave:

Thanks for replying so quickly. I don’t know anything about backup phrases.

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You’re very welcome and I apologize for the inconvenience. The article linked above should answer your question about backing up/restoring Wallet data.

As I knew nothing about any recovery key system until now there was no backup done. I suppose that the handful of BATS earned have subsequently been lost?

Without your recovery data that is correct. This is obviously for security reasons, but I do understand the frustration.

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