Need help recovering Brave Wallet after installing new OS


I recently installed Ubuntu over my Windows installation, deleting everything in the process. Unfortunately I didn’t save my recovery key beforehand. I however backed up my AppData which means I have access to the BraveSoftware as well as my “ledger_state” file. What would be the best way, if there is any, for me to recover my Brave Wallet? I have access to another computer with Windows if it’s easier than Ubuntu. Thanks for the help!

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I don’t know if wallet data Is on that folder, but in any case, use your windows machine and install brave there copying all data folders you saved where they belog. If you are lucky you will get access to those tokens.

To transfer them to Ubuntu that is a different story since is a different O.S. with a different file structure and format, maybe is possible but i have never tryied that.

As for recovery phrase, even if you manage to generate one, this will not help you to recover those BAT easily, since version 1.3.118 the recovery phrase only recovers your pending rewards, the only recommended way to secure them is to sync uphold and wait until payment day.

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