Reward policy and what we earn

Hello i have the stats from previous month and i had only 2 confirmed user, and i have 7 Euros in reward . 2 confirmed users should be 10 euros .

:point_up: Can you elaborate more about this? Source?

You’ll be paid 5 USD in BAT for each confirmed user.

As u can see in the pic this is my dashboard, u can see i have 2 confimerd users and i have oly 32.10 BAT which are equal to 7.77 USD

Referral will be paid in BAT, @Firefistace – equivalent to 5 USD at the time it paid. You can check your statement to see how many BAT that you received for each confirmed referral.

And because BAT price is fluctuated, there’s a chance that the USD value is “changed”.

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