15 confirmed installations in US but earned about ~270 BAT, why?


I have problem, form septemebr till today I have confirmed 15 instalations in US and also 1 in 4 group. But in my earning shows that I have earned about 270 BAT. I my opinion it should be at least 500 BAT. Second thing which I see: that from few days amount of confirmed installations is increasing but amount of BAT in my account is on the same level. Could some one explain me that. The same problem was in this topic Didn't earn BAT after confirmed installation but no one explained what happen


i have same problem.

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Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

my eamil is temporaryjobspl@gmail.com, so far I have no respond from you

@mikolajmikolaj hi, i don’t know if you already saw this:

Thank you @JohnDproof :slight_smile: have you ever wrote email to them and got respond? But I will try and write email to them. Thanks once again :smiley:

@mikolajmikolaj may i see your bat balance on screenshot ?



i mean i want to see ur bat balance bro

@mikolajmikolaj bat balance bro


Hi @mikolajmikolaj

@steeven asked you to DM (direct message) the email not to post it here. It is suggested that no email link be published in the normal chat because of your safety. So please DM him your email and delete the post with your email.

my bat . 3.80 that bat is just a tip bat i have 1000 confirmations but my bat still 3.80 steeven asked me dm email and he if they confirmed after november 1st they will paid on december 8th idk

do you have a same problem yes @rolak

No @Tamira. I don’t have bat from referrals this time. Had in the beginning and everything was ok.

Maybe you need to update Brave to the last version. it happened to me the same, you can check here I updated the browser and now it increases for each confirmation

@spielcrypto pls dont say a lie thanks i updated browser early but dont have any changes seen
you a just brave ads guy we are for the creator refferal creator thanks if your balance increase pls give me screenshot not talk

@Tamira I’m not the support guy, only another user more here, then I don’t win anything lying. That worked for me because of this I wrote that to try to help, if that doesn’t work for you then ask to the support team.The next time I will not and not body should not waste the time trying to help you.
I hope that you can fix your issue.

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if work then let me see your screenshot why not give screen shot so many 1000 guy have this problem 300 guy updated browser but didnt any change if you not say a lie just let me see screenshot?