Revert to using metamask's bip39 key derivation method in cryptowallets #13245

Switch to using metamask-compatible codewords #208


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diracdeltas commented on Jan 20, 2021

24: 0xea3C17c81E3baC3472d163b2c8b12ddDAa027874
12: 0x084DCb94038af1715963F149079cE011C4B22961

test plans:

basic functionality tests

  1. create wallet. it should default have 12 seed words. locking and unlocking should produce the same address.
  2. import wallet into metamask. it should create the same wallet address.
  3. clear extension state. import cushion pitch impact album daring marine much annual budget social clarify balance rose almost area busy among bring hidden bind later capable pulp laundry into CW. it should restore address 0xea3C17c81E3baC3472d163b2c8b12ddDAa027874.
  4. click “create account” and generate a new wallet. the address should be 0xEc1BB5a4EC94dE9107222c103907CCC720fA3854.
  5. import drip caution abandon festival order clown oven regular absorb evidence crew where into CW. it should restore address 0x084DCb94038af1715963F149079cE011C4B22961.
  6. click “create account” and generate a new wallet. the address should be 0xE60A2209372AF1049C4848B1bF0136258c35f268.

this is the GitHub explains the problem the wallet has, is this issue solved? how can I recover my assets in the wallet.

Description of the issue:

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Additional Information:

@lineman , if you are importing a 24 word phrase, you can try checking the legacy wallet checkbox when importing your seed phrase. Try with it check and see if you see the correct imported address, if not, try again with the checkbox unchecked.

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