Brave Crypto Wallet generates new address with the same recovery phrase


Formerly I used the brave built-in crypto wallet for using dApps like Uniswap, etc.
I had only wrote down the 24-word recovery-phrase for this address, I never used private keys or JSON file for the wallet recovering (if I lose wallet).

In the past, the SSD was totally crashed on my laptop, and I lost every data, what I stored on C:\ drive. After I re-installed the windows and the necessary softwares like Brave, I received a new wallet. If I would like to import an account, I could only use private keystore or JSON file, recovery-phrase is sadly isn’t an option.

I have imported the wallet in Metamask, typed the 24word phrase, and unfortunately I generated a new address(!), and I don’t have any access to my old brave crypto wallet.

My question is that, is there any possibility for get a private key or JSON file from Brave if I could prove that, when / what was my last dApp what I used from this wallet or something else method to get any access back?

My address: 0xe256CB876329B003794eab63183eDE543983A392

Sorry for the grammatic mistakes, my native language is not english. Thanks in advance.

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