Restore updated bookmarks

I have a question about the bookmarks bar.

I lost my bookmarks bar because I reinstalled my pc.

In Chrome, just log in to gmail and the bookmarks bar returns fully updated.

How to do this in Brave? Does brave keep a backup in the cloud with the latest updates? How do I retrieve my updated bookmarks?


There is no ‘Brave Cloud’ from which your Bookmarks would be recovered.

Brave Support will likely need to know:

  • Your computer device type and its Operating System (“OS”)

  • Brave Browser version numbers

  • Do you have a Brave Sync chain set up? (If so, you might be able to recover your Bookmarks from a computing device that is part of that Sync chain.)

More questions

  • Is your Bookmarks collection aboard your Chrome browser installation, close enough - as a near-match - to the Bookmarks collection that you had aboard your Brave Browser installation? Could you get by, using a Bookmarks file that is exported from your Chrome browser?

  • Did you recently, manually back up your Bookmarks - using Brave Browser’s, Bookmarks Manager’s Export function? If you recently exported your Brave Browser Bookmarks on May 20, 2022, then the resulting HTML file will likely have filename: bookmarks_5_20_22.html

  • Did you recently, back up your BraveSoftware folder? Its location:

Linux OS:

  • /home/$USER/.config/BraveSoftware/

Mac OS:

  • $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/BraveSoftware/

Windows OS:

  • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\

Thanks for clearing my doubts!

I suggest that Brave developers create the cloud for users to have their favorites always synced and updated! :slight_smile: