How can i recover my bookmarks from brave

Hello, i format my pc, where i used to use Brave.

now i installed brave again, and i dont know how to recover my bookmarks that i used to use.
Clearly i dont have chrome installed.

In chrome you have a profile with gmail and all bookmark where automatically export, exist this in brave?

Thank you

If you not have a copy of your old Brave profile or exported bookmarks (as HTML), then I’m afraid it’s not possible.

Brave Sync will be re-enabled in the next major release – temporarily disabled due to some issues.

and the passwords?

bassicaly it just a local browser and it not syncronise with another pc with same browser?

Given your situation, it appears that you bookmarks may be gone forever. If you do not have a backup copy of your previously used Brave profile (or a backup for your previous PC setup before format), then your data is gone. We do not have an “online profile/sync” the way Chrome does.

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