Lost bookmarks on windows reset that keeps files

Hello, I did a windows reset that keeps files intact and I did not think that the bookmarks will get deleted. Is there a way to get them back?

@alexkougianos ,

Careful study of the following . . . you might succeed:

Where the author wrote (given that his article pertains to Google Chrome), “the ‘User Data’ folder located under”:


you would use:


The author then wrote:

The process is easy; navigate to the User Data folder in Windows Explorer, right click on it and get the properties. Go to the Previous Versions tab and, if you are lucky, there will be a list of available backups. To restore a folder backup, highlight it and click the Restore button. If all goes well, you should see the message below that “The folder has been successfully restored to the previous version”.

Note, that your objective is to find your Bookmarks file and as soon as possible, make a backup of them:

How do I export bookmarks from Brave as an HTML file?

  1. Launch Brave and open the Main menu: newmenuicon.png
  2. Select Bookmarks --> Bookmarks Manager
  3. Open the More options menu (3-dot kabob menu) at the top right
  4. Select “Export bookmarks” and choose where you want to store the exported file.

Be sure to copy that “bookmarks.html” file to some external drive.

Next, you probably need to un-install Brave Browser and be sure to remove the “BraveSoftware” folder . . . so that a NEW “BraveSoftware” folder is created upon re-installation. (You would be removing the “BraveSoftware” folder, in which, some contents might have gotten bruised during the restore suggsted by the author.)

When you have that Brave Browser running, then you may import your Bookmarks from the backup that you made.

Something like that.

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