How to Recover a Deleted Bookmark Folder?

I accidentally deleted a Bookmark Folder from a Brave Browser on Mac OS.

Is there a way to recover it?

The browser has not been synchronizing, neither with another device, nor with any cloud services.

Unfortunately after you delete a folder in this way there is no way to retrieve this information. If you’d like to discuss the issue of Sync not working for you we can do that, but I’ll need more information on what is happening when you attempt to Sync.

Thank you for your reply!

I am surprised that is not an option without synchronizing services.

It’s not an option in any browser without syncing devices. Once you delete data in this way, it is typically gone forever. If you go to Chrome, Edge or FF right now (again, assuming you’re not signed into their Sync services) and delete a bookmark or bookmark folder, that information is deleted permanently.

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I wouldn’t argue that.
It is unfortunate for me because I lost months of data collection. But is also a good opportunity for the engineering team to figure out a competitive solution.

Came across this older post in an unrelated search, and unless misunderstanding what was meant by the question, FWIW…

Presume previous versions of the Bookmarks file in your profile folder would contain the deleted information.

If you’re using built-in Time Machine, it should be possible to restore an older version of the Bookmarks file there.

Or, having (out of curiosity) opened, the Bookmarks file with TextEdit, did find that File>Revert To>Browse All Versions operates to restore an older version, as well.

In my system the profiles are in ~/‘Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default’ or /Profile #’

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