Restore previous version of Brave

A few days ago I completely (I hope not) my original homepage complete with favourites, bookmarks etc. Can anyone help me to restore it?

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Can you elaborate on some details if you please?

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I’m NOT the most savvy when it comes to anything that cannot be hit (percussion); or that is not fuelled by petroleum :smiley: However, I MUST have pressed a button or two causing my homepage disappear, when opening the lion icon again; I was faced with a brand new page without my screensaver, or more importantly my data (bookmarks, favourites etc) Bloody frustrating, and Brave don’t seem to have dedicated helpdesk; leaving that role to kind community members such as your good self.

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What operating system are you using?
It is a bit confusing to follow your description.
What do you mean with homepage?
What do you mean with opening the lion? Clicking the lion opens the shields setup.
Bookmarks are accessible by clicking the hamburger button (or in 3 dots in Android) and selecting Bookmarks.
What do you mean by screensaver? Screensaver is a OS feature, not related to the browser.

Yes, Brave has helpdesk.

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This is what I mean by my homepage
When I refer to the Lion ; it’s the Brave logo that I mean
The screensaver is the image I selected to show on what I refer to as my homepage
I’m using Microsoft windows 10
Thanks for helping me out.


I am afraid that if you did not backup the folder "c:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser" you cannot recover it.

Bookmarks can be synched if you have activated this feature. But not what you call “homepage”, afaik.

I tag @Mattches, maybe he can help you

Cheers…thanks for the input.


For Bookmarks, they are normally backed up in bookmarks.bak, located at (this is for Windows PC) :

%LocalAppData%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User data\Default

You need to

  1. go to to recover them by converting ‘bookmarks.bak’ to ‘bookmarks.html’

  2. Import the converted html file to Brave from here brave://settings/importData

That’s very kind of you mate…cheers.

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