Lost bookmarks (and probably other data)

I use Brave on laptop. The laptop has a program which it restores it to an initial mode (clean mode without my sync code or brave) after each restart. I usually don’t restart my laptop but put it on sleep. I had synced on and the key.

Unfortunately my laptop crashed, and restarted itself. When I turned it on, I installed the Brave latest version (before the crash I probably had a version that was released a month ago I believe - although i don’t think that matters). I used that website to get the 25th word and used the rest code. It did sync however it seems that I’m missing many bookmarks (including a folder I remember) and probably other data are missing. It seems that only bookmarks that I saved like 3 weeks ago came up. I’m not sure why. I haven’t changed the code and this has not happened before (which laptop crashed many times before and it used to work fine)

The only thing (but that used to be like this before too) is that in the sync list, it lists my laptop name multiple times even though all the other sessions are from the computer crashing. What has happened this time? How to recover all of my bookmarks (and data)? Should I install an earlier version?


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