Restore Bookmarks from disk backup

Hi Guys,

I need some pointers here - my PC (windows 10) just completely froze - shock - not related to Brave as far as I’m aware. I had to force shut down. When I rebooted and re-opened Brave all of my bookmarks have disappeared, the folders are still there but they are empty.

I guess my question is a 2 part one:

  1. Where does brave store these bookmarks ? I couldn’t find the file ‘session-store-1’ as detailed here.
  2. I have backups of my disk made every 15 minutes - if i were to go back to just before the crash and look for the bookmarks where should I look? Does the location & name differ when Brave is not running?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hi @goatbee_430,

Welcome to community and thanks for reaching out!

Try the following steps: Go to Settings --> Appearance --> Show Bookmarks Bar and toggle option to on.

Let me know if that doesn’t fix the issue!

Hi Steeven,

Magic! Thanks for getting back to me. That has restored my bookmarks - however - previously they would only appear when I opened a new tab. This behavior I quite liked as it frees up a few valuable pixels on the screen & removes some distraction. I’ve had a look through the settings and can’t see anything, do you have any ideas?

Thanks again!

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