Restore Brave setting from previous installation

Hi everyone,

new here. I was on Brave for a while on my other computer, but I just migrate to a new one. When I installed Brave, unlike Chrome where has I connect to my account, all settings/bookmark/theme is restoring immediately, It didn’t happen in Brave. My bookmarks were different. And my account now in Brave just says You, and nothing to link to my previous account. How is that so? How can I restore Brave as it was on the oter computer? thanks.

Hello, I’m drquackery, what Brave is trying to do is very innovative and really large scale, some people might, I’m sure, I’m one of them, are learning at the same time they share there bits of knowledge. Sorry, you sound like you didn’t back up your settings to a spot that they would have been able to be imported on the updated browser. You along with all others that want a faster more reliable and less intrusion web surfing experience that allows you to easily show your skills and get compensated for your efforts. #BeBrave

I know all this, and I’m a fn of brave, but clearly, it’s at a beta stance now. I haven’t been able to sync my bookmarks from my desktop to my mobile and tablet. It just doesn’t work. I still can go back to the old computer to make backup so I can restore it from the new one, but still, the process is not user friendly.

All I can say is that we need to work together to make it so it is. I’m kind of feeling my way around like a blind man, found a cool theme for my desktop browser but It has to be reinstalled, I don’t know how to fix that kind of thing or create a solution. I’m a button smasher, hope it gets figured out soon myself.

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