How to restore deleted Brave settings

I reinstalled my windows and lost Brave browser, lost together with bookmarks and Brave awards, unfortunately I had not set up wallets by that time, how can I return everything back. I will be thankful for your reply.

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Did you have Brave in Windows synced with any other devices?

If not, did you save your brave profile files before reinstalling windows?

Did your Windows reinstall involve deleting everything on your computer, or was it an installation overtop an existing installation?

Did you install Brave Browser after the windows installation? Can you look for your Brave profile directory? You might have a new profile installed next to your old one and your old one might then be activatable

If your Brave profile directory was blown away and you have no copies of it, The only option you might consider would be some sort of rain dance or other call for a miracle. Some miracles can happen. If you don’t have the files, the miracle you need would be the kind that cannot happen. That would make the upside of this unfortunate incident an opportunity to learn to avoid putting yourself into this circumstance again. In that circumstance, you would have my sympathies. Blaming Fauci always a good move when all else is failing. Blaming Fauci when everything is going well also always is a good move. I am assuming you are not Fauci. If my assumption is incorrect, my sympathies would be withdrawn.

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