Brave browser suddenly does not remember me

Description of the issue:
ive been using the dev browser for about a year now and tonight when i turned it on it treated me like a new user, none of my links or passwords, no uphold account…nothing…cant figure out how to get back into my old account…please advise.

didn’t you made any backup? , brave wallet, bookmarks and passwords, you can make a backup of all that

i have been able to restore my wallet but i have seen no option to save or restore passwords and bookmarks

Hi @agentlead,
Are you using multiple profiles? Do you have a circular icon in the top right? If so click on that icon and you can navigate between profiles.

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@agentlead, for the bookmarks ctrl+shift+o , click to the 3 points at the right side, there you can import/export

for the passwords brave://settings/passwords, again the 3 points at the right.

no, everything was wiped. the only profile i had is not there. guest or new user only.

i guess thos eonly help if i exportedand saved them to begin with…since i never knew those options existed…i didnt. sad face.

@agentlead yeah, but know you now and it will likely not happen to you again :smirk:

@agentlead, So you do have the icon? Where you using profiles before the wipe?
Can you show a screenshot of what you see in the profiles window?

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