How to Restore Brave Bookmark and Wallet Settings?

I had to reset my computer today back to factory default. However, even though I explicitly, emphatically qualified in the reset options that I did NOT want any programs removed, it nevertheless uninstalled Brave, along with all the other settings on it. Thus, while I have reinstalled Brave, I need to restore these, but I’m not able to figure out how to restore bookmarks and the ostensible instructions for restoring the wallet are not working,

So, first, how do I restore bookmark settings?

I am also trying to restore my wallet, but when I give my recovery phrase and press “restore,” it doesn’t do anything except give this message: “Please reenter keys or try different keys.” I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean, but if it is to suggest that I have typed the code incorrectly, that is factually false and incorrect: the pass code I provided was copied and pasted verbatim into a note on my LastPass password manager account, and so I know it is correct down to the last character. It was what Brave gave me, which was copied and pasted, so it is not incorrect. My wallet needs to be restored because I had money on it.

Also, I would like to be given explicit instructions on how to create an account with Brave (not merely Brave Community), or something equivalent to that for the purposes of syncing and restoring settings across devices. I tried finding how to do this when I originally started using the browser to prepare for just this sort of situation, but I failed to discover how.

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