Restore ALL settings, with extensions

Well browsing the net, i have little hope, since it seams NO one has ever write about this as a success :frowning:
Here goes anyway, i just reset my PC, i did a full backup of the C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware because that what i did with Chrome and has ALWAYS worked, but errm not so much with Brave, browser history, theme every thing is there, except all the Extensions and their settings?

Is there really 0 way to backup the extensions with settings?
If not i’m really bend over and f…ed deep then, because i deleted my Chrome backups, since well i moved to Brave, but was that a big mistake?

If you have backups of your extension data that were made using the extension themselves, then you can reinstall those extensions and import backup data into them – note that this is dependent on the extension(s) in question, rather than Brave.
Have you tried reinstalling any of your extensions yet to see if your settings/data is retained?

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Hey thx for the reply, no i had not, since im “used” to Chrome had everything there once i reinstalled the machine, i just had to copy over the Default folder.

But i just tried and errm, the data was there then :slight_smile: Just all the google search i came across (most of them were ending here on the site) were automatically closed, and none of them had a reply telling that they got it solved, some had 0 reply.

But it worked after all :smiley: I were beginning to get nervous, it was all my Stylus, Tampermonkey and so on, thought i lost them all.

Thx again, did not think about the data would be there, since the Extensions werent :slight_smile:

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