Lost bookmarks at bookmarks panel of Windows 10 Brave Browser

Dear friends! I badly need your help which, if rendered, might save my work during hundreds and hundreds of hours. I got a tremendous problem: as I understood, a chinese soft intended to optimize my desktop comp for some reason(?) interfered the work of an important file /windows/system32/config/system,and trying to turn comp on I saw that its OS Window 10 did not boot. I was forced to reinstall the operating system (a slightly different version). A geek I invited helped me to preserve some necessary files, but an important problem remained unsolved – my favorites, the whole bookmarks panel. I can’t even imagine that I lost it. Can this miracle happen? And may bookmarks be restorable? I owe those who know the answer a lot if anyone can help me.

Details: I have Windows 10 version 1809 (build 17763.55)

Brave was re-downloaded 2 days ago from the main site.

Hopefully everything went back to normal after sync, and you have backed your bookmarks as a HTML file.


Look for a folder with the name Windows.old in drive C; But this depends on how you installed the new version.

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