How to backup Bookmarks and settings


When testing a potentially unstable build of Brave, you may wish to keep a backup of your profile―something you can revert back to if things get a little messy.

There are a couple different types of backups you can perform:

  • A heavy backup consists of backing-up localStorage data, saved passwords, and more.
  • A light backup consists of backing-up your Brave state (individual window states, opened tabs, bookmarks, etc.).

We’ll start by closing down all instances of the Brave browser. This will insure no LOCK files will prevent us from reading key files.

Heavy Backup

For the heavy backup, you’ll want to create a copy of the entire Brave directory. The location of this directory depends on your operating system:

Bookmarks, Autofill data, Ledger data and shields settings are all stored in the brave folder. You can backup this by making a copy of the folder.

On Windows

  1. Start -> Run -> type %appdata%

2 . Copy the brave folder as backup

On Linux

  1. Open Home folder
  2. Show hidden items(Ctrl+H)
  3. Open .config folder
  4. Copy the brave folder as backup


  1. Open ~/Library/Application\ Support/ folder
  2. Copy brave folder as backup

Light Backup

For the light backup, you’ll need to copy only a single file from the Brave directory:


~/Library/Application Support/brave/session-store-1


You may also wish to backup your wallet. If this is the case, you can do so by keeping a copy of ledger-state.json. If you’re using a version of Brave prior to 0.19, you will also want to keep a copy of ledger-synopsis.json.

Alternatively, you can backup and restore your wallet from within Brave itself by navigating to about:preferences#payments, and selecting the gear icon. From here, you can Backup your wallet, and Recover your wallet.


Restoring State

When Brave starts up, it will look for the Brave directory. If the directory is not found, one will be created immediately. Furthermore, it will be occupied by a fresh session-store-1 file.

If you find yourself in an unrecoverable state, you can simply close Brave and copy-over the entire directory, or the session-store-1 file by itself.

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