Resetting Brave Wallet

I found another post about resetting the brave wallet (via Settings) so that’s good.

My question is, it says: "… If your wallet is not backed up, resetting will cause you to lose all account data (including any associated funds). Type “Yes” to confirm. "

If your wallet is not backed up?

How do I back it up? If I where to install Brave on another computer can I then NOT access the wallet? I thought it was integrated with no need for backing up files…


@SmarmySailor When you created your Brave Wallet, it gave a Recovery Phrase that it advised you to keep in a safe place and never get rid of. It’s that recovery phrase you would need in order to be able to restore the wallet if anything happens. Otherwise, any money you have in your wallet would be lost forever if you were to lose the browser(s) it’s attached to.

The reason for this is Brave Wallet is self-custody. This means it’s not being kept on/by Brave, but it’s on your browser. They are talking of making a Brave Wallet backup & restore function in the future where you can even sync between multiple devices, but it’s not an option at this time. It’s also not listed on the roadmap right now from what I’ve seen, so I’m not sure the overall status of when it might be worked on and implemented.

Oh, to focus on this. If you have the Recovery Phrase then it’s been said you can recover the wallet on a new device. At that point everything would be there. But if you didn’t save it, you’d not have any way to do so. Now, you could Send whatever is in the wallet elsewhere, including to new wallet made in a fresh install. But obviously you’d have gas fees and all for this.

I get that - with the recovery phrase and all but I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t remember being logged in - and still, when clicking the icon at the top right it just says: Enter password to unlock wallet

So that’s why I wan’t to reset it.

But if it’s ONLY in the browser it WILL be an issue if I where to re-install the OS or the browser because then the crypto would be gone - as I read what you write.

Ahh, alright, makes sense.

I’ll reset and upon creating it again - I’ll of course save recovery phrase etc. I always do that - that is also why I’m confused about it saying that I need to login - as I don’t have the phrase or password anywhere.

Oh, well let me put it this way, if you don’t remember doing anything with Brave Wallet, then you’d have nothing there. It is completely different from Brave Rewards and all. It’s something they added a while back. Also when you go to it, if it’s asking for a password, you can try putting in anything and see if it was just trying to get you to create a password or if it says no good. If it says no good, you could assume any password you would have made for like Brave Community or something. Of course also means should be no issue just resetting anyway that way you’ll get the recovery phrase and all.

Yeah, I know for sure I don’t have any crypto in it - so resetting is no issue.

It was more the part about backing up ‘files’ but you’ve cleared it up with the recovery phrase. Didn’t think of it like that.

Thanks - and for the quick responses :slight_smile:

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