Enter your recovery phrase to restore your Brave wallet crypto account

When I try to access my Brave wallet I get this message: Enter your recovery phrase to restore your Brave wallet crypto account, but I never registered a recovery phrase. When I try to enter a recovery phrase, it tells me it is wrong. I tried to register a password. It was accepted, but when I tried to use it, I was also told it was wrong.

You must have gotten one when creating the wallet.

I don’t know what you mean. I didn’t create anything. I downloaded the Brave browser and clicked on “wallet”.

Yea, so when you make a wallet, you get a recovery phrase which should be stored / saved somewhere, to be used when / if you forget your password for the wallet

The first step to use something is to learn how to use it :slight_smile:

Maybe the following article helps you

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OK thanks, I will read the article.

This article tells me about wallets in general. It does not tell me why there is a link to “wallet” on the Brave browser, which tells me to enter a recovery phrase I never created.

If you do not want to use brave wallet or any wallet or anything to do with self-custodial cryptocurrency management do make sure to turn those features Off from settings.

Using brave wallet is not necessary for using brave browser.

I would like to use brave wallet, but I am being prevented from doing so.

You are not prevented from using it, just go through the steps properly.

First learn what is a wallet, what is recovery phrase, what is a password.

There are youtube videos where they will show you how to create a wallet, and explain these terms quite easily.

Brave wallet has quite easy to use it compared to other methods to store cryptocurrencies like hardware cold wallets.

What is the purpose of the link on the brave browser that says “wallet”?

@joe15 Brave comes with a lot of features. One of them is Brave Wallet. Sometimes when people begin using Rewards, they navigate to Wallet and assume it’s the same thing. It tells you to write down a seed phrase and not to lose it. At the same time, it asks you to create a password. Again, sometimes people just hurry through and do it.

Brave Wallet is a place where you can send, swap, and receive crypto tokens and NFT. Yes, I’m sure you’ll ask, “can I receive my Rewards payment to it?” The answer is no. Brave does not have the proper licenses for it and they would have to KYC/AML all Users themselves. They create extra distance and instead require custodial partners like Uphold or Exchange for you to be able to receive BAT in a place other than inside Rewards.

As for Brave Wallet, if you never bought any cryptocurrency and haven’t known well enough about getting your address down to be able to have anyone send crypto, then it means your Wallet is empty.

Sounds like you clicked on Restore. If you do that, then you see the page shown in my screenshot below:

The page which you should see before hitting Restore would look something like you see below:

And if you think you NEVER created a Wallet, I can tell you probably not the case. Here’s what you’d be seeing if it was new without a Wallet:

All of that out of the way, you’ll likely wonder what to do next if you want to be able to use Brave Wallet?

Well, if you don’t know the password you created before and it’s asking you for one or something is screwed up and it ONLY shows you the part where you have to enter a recovery phrase, then you’ll just go ahead and Reset it.

So go to Settings → Wallet or you can just copy/paste brave://settings/wallet and it will take you to what you see in my screenshot below.

You’ll hit Reset Brave Wallet and a prompt will come up to warn that resetting will cause you to lose any funds you have not backed up, then asking you to type Yes if you agree and want to reset it. Again, if you never spent real money to have it stored in Wallet and you didn’t have someone send you something, then it’s empty. So it’s safe to type in Yes. From there, you’ll be able to create a new wallet. You’ll want to write down the seed phrase it gives you to keep so you always have access to Wallet and you’ll want to make sure you remember whatever password you use to unlock the Wallet.

Thank you so much. I will try it.

I have successfully created my Brave wallet, but, if I can’t receive my rewards in it, what can I do with it?

Unless you plan on spending money on crypto, you’re not really going to do much with it. You’ll be able to send and receive NFT, coins, or tokens. That’s pretty much it. If you’re not doing any of that, then you likely won’t be using Wallet for a while. Now, next year, there will be more incentive to use Wallet as our Rewards will be part of it, but I wouldn’t think about that now because it can get confusing and we don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing with it.

Wallet is just there as a capability for those who want to use it.

OK, thanks for the info

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