How can I delete my wallet?

How can I delete my wallet?

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Are you looking to reset or remove it? Brave Wallet is built-in to the browser, but you can remove it from view in your browser toolbar.

Good Morning,

I need to delete the wallet I created and start over.

Thank you!

You can reset it with these instructions. This will give you a fresh start.

That is the problem, I do not have the recovery phrase.
I got pulled away and closed my browser hours later without not realizing I had not written the phrase down, so I am not able to Reset.

I need a total and complete “Fresh Start”…lol

@Athena you don’t have to have a recovery phrase to reset or delete your wallet. The only thing a recovery phrase does is allow you to recover your existing Wallet. If you have nothing in there, then you don’t have to worry about that.

Evan123 shared a link with you that explicitly showed you how to erase your Wallet. You go to your SettingsWeb3 and choose to Reset and clear wallet data.

The notice in the article saying The recovery phrase is the ONLY way to regain access if the wallet is reset. is trying to let you know that if you reset it, there’s no getting it back unless you had the recovery phrase. So if you had any crypto in your Wallet, you’re out of luck and it would be lost.

Without your recovery phrase, there’s no way for Brave or anyone to help you regain access to your Wallet either.

In other words, you need to go ahead and reset/delete your Wallet and then it will have you create a new one. It’s that simple. Or if you do have crypto in it, you need to figure out your password and all. Otherwise it’s lost forever and nobody can help you.

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Hi Saoiray,

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