Reset my Brave Wallet, still can't access it

I did not have the recovery key or remember setting up the password. I reset it but the problem is still there. I don’t know what to do now…

@John117xCortana Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, if you do not have the recovery key or password, you will not be able to access your wallet. You can create a new wallet. Below is a Help Center topic that provides more information.

How do I use Brave Wallet in Brave?

You will now be offered the option to create a 12-word recovery phrase, which you can use to recover your primary crypto accounts. We highly recommend creating a backup phrase – if you skip this step and happen to forget or lose your Wallet account password, want to switch accounts, or if your device is stolen/compromised, you will have no way to recover or access any assets contained in your Wallet.

Thank you. I just wished it was under better circumstances.

Okay, I’ll try this.

If I disconnect from my uphold account would the BATs in there be safe when I create a new wallet?

Me too. :slightly_frowning_face:

You do not have to disconnect from you Brave Rewards account to create a new Brave Wallet. They are totally separate.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up.

sigh I just wished I knew this first. I could have avoided losing a month’s worth of Brave Rewards.

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You shouldn’t have lost your Brave Rewards even if you disconnected it. I do not know why that happened. You can connect/disconnect Brave Rewards from your verified account and turn Brave Private Ads option on/off without losing the vBAT you have already earned. Did you do anything else that may have caused your earned/estimated BAT to reset?

Yeah, I tried to reset the wallet.

The ones in my Uphold account are safe. But the estimated earnings were lost.

I’m sorry but I’m trying to follow the instructions in the Help Center to make a new wallet but I’m still stuck with the old one that I can’t access.

I can’t get the 2. Select Get Started part.

Does this help?

I want to create a new wallet but I don’t have a password for the existing wallet

If you’ve lost your password, or don’t remember ever creating a wallet, and you are trying to upgrade to the new Brave Wallet, then the best option is to simply not import from the existing wallet.

To do that click on the “Get Started” button from brave://wallet and then on the 2nd screen at the bottom, select "I’ve lost my password and recovery phrase, create a new wallet."

If you don’t remember creating a wallet it might be that it was accidentally created in the past.

Source: Wallet support FAQ

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