My password and recovery phrase have been changed without my knowledge

Here is what happened. Long story short Mac keeper messed up my mac so bad that they had to wipe everything clean and reload the OS. This cleared all my Data. I assumed my data on Brave was safe. I guess it was not because Brave wont recognize my wallet password or my recovery phrase. Any suggestions on what I can do to restore my wallet??? Thanks, Jim

Hello - Please copy/paste your recovery phrase when importing. You may be experiencing issues if you are typing in the words individually. You can follow these instructions below.

Thank you

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I’m pretty sure my password and seed phrase are still stored in brave, they are just encrypted. If brave will un-encrypt my password and seed phrase, I’m sure I can restore the wallet.

Brave Wallet is self-custody, meaning you alone have access to the recovery phrase. Brave cannot un-encrypt or recover an individuals seed phrase. A warning is provided when you create a Brave Wallet:

I understand this is a self-custody wallet, and that I alone am responsible for any associated funds, assets, or accounts, and for taking appropriate action to secure, protect and backup my wallet. I understand that Brave can NOT access my wallet or reverse transactions on my behalf, and that my recovery phrase is the ONLY way to regain access in the event of a lost password, stolen device, or similar circumstance.

You can learn more about how self-custody works with these links below:

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Even, I understand about self custody. What I dont understand is How did my password get changed. My seed phrase was stored on clipboard. which was erased when they wiped my system, so I cant copy and paste. Is the seedphrase case sensitive??

Do you still have access to the seed phrase? If so, you can import it with these instructions.

If you no longer have access to it, then you will not be able to recover the wallet.

I accepted Ownership of my assets, and the responsibility that goes along with it. I followed all instructions to the T backed up my seed phrase to clipboard and wrote down 2 copies of the seed phrase and placed them in a safe place. The problem came when Brave Locked, changed or deleted my password. I cant get into my wallet because of something that was done on braves end, and I think they need to get involved and help fix this problem. If not for me for future users.

Thank you for the clarification. If you are having password troubles, you can re-enter your same recovery phrase and it will allow you to reset the password.

Let me know if you run into any troubles after re-importing the same recovery phrase. Thanks!

No Evan It wont let me. I typed in my recovery phrase, new password and sent it. I brings me pack to the password pop up. when I go back to recovery it tells me my recovery phrase in incorrect.

If it’s telling you your recovery phrase is incorrect, it is likely being entered incorrectly. It is best to copy/paste the full recovery phrase.

I have not changed my password, Brave will not recognize it as correct, nor will it recognize my recovery phrase

Please understand Evan, this is not something I did. It is something that Brave did. I think they should fix it so I can continue to use their Wallet

Wiping your device and restoring the Brave Wallet is based on your backup of the recovery phrase.

If you are getting a recovery phrase is incorrect error message, it is due to being an incorrect phrase or incorrectly entered. My assumption is it’s not entered correctly or not copied/pasted in one go.

Can you clarify how you are entering the recovery phrase? Are you copy/pasting?

I cant copy it. It has been erassed from Clipboard. I have to manually type it in. I checked it twice. Is it Case sensitive?

That is the issue. Are you using space or no spaces?

I am using spaces. I tried with all lower case and with caps on first letter

It should be all lowercase and a space in-between each word. It MUST also be in the same order as before. Can you confirm you’re entering in the same order as when it was created?

Thank you

I will try it again. I tried all lower case with a space in between each word. I wonder how my password was changed, that really bothers me. I had only moved a couple of small crypto bags into the wallet. I still want them back. I’ll let you know how it goes

I was typing in my old password, I didn’t want to change it. I had to change it to something I had not used, I guess, it never said. I’m in my wallet now. Thank you for your help. Jim

Not a problem! Glad we could get it figured out.