Resetted rewards now is working after account being"flagged"

I resetted my rewards and now it will let me entering to my account(the error that says i’m flagged and bla bla bla disappeared) after my account was “flagged” but i will have my rewards to my uphold for real ?? or is a all smoke and no fire??

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How did you reset your account?

how do you know you won’t be flagged again?

there’s a botton in the brave rewards page called reset. You will lose everything and supossedly start all over again

Its not safe to do it if u have large monthly rewards like 5 or 7 bat

If i will be flagged again i will use brave without them untill they will fix this mess or i will use presearch at least they don’t do these shitty things

Already getting 0, so what’s worse than 0 lol.

you think they will fix this? They would probably blame us for “cheating” the system which, with the majority of users, is not true. I’ve changed browser for now to my previous brave era. Can’t be too confidente with a company who hushes users.

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not knowing why you were flagged


Same here flagged for reasons unknown to me. Ive used for well over a year with no issues, until now.

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Well Noone knows. As far as I know, flags are marked for Brave rewards payment ID, can be found at brave://rewards-internals.
When you reset Brave rewards, it creates a new one. Most likely if you don’t do anything that can be counted as farming BAT, I personally think that you’ll be good to go. Not exactly sure since there’s never gonna be much clarification on this topic for obvious reasons.

this will work, but I suspect it would also look like a further attempt to game the system (if it can be tracked). also any pending rewards would be forfeited. if you honestly weren’t trying to abuse the system it is probably better to just work with support to get reinstated. it took me about 4 months, 4 tickets, multiple twitter threads and two brave talk calls with an engineer.

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