Account not working

my account was flagged for no reason but by resetting rewards it worked again why this is happening ?? and i didn’t have my may payout will this thing not let me earning no more ??

Lots. And I mean lots of users are having this problem. Mine was flagged too.

what do you mean “it worked”? It says before resetting that you will loose everything no bats for may for you pal. What if you’'re flagged again? We can’t know for sure what will make an account flagged if all we do is nothing but illegal and they don’t tell you why

well i didn’t lost so much but i idk i don’t use vpn or something like that i never had issues with reward this is the one time i had it and i resetted it after the may payout by working it means that after the resetting the error that says i’m flagged is gone when i put again my uphold account with brave i hope they will rethink and let me earn again or i will reuse chrome

i don’t have their vpn and i’m not interested in it

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