Restore wallet Recovery key

My problem is with the security key. I own it. I have saved it to a notepad, for future issues. Now I reinstalled windows and reinstalled brave back. As soon as i click on “manage your wallet” clicked Restore TAB and paste my recovery key (24 words) shows a pop up saying: “Please re-enter keys or try different keys.” Those words are the ones I saved into a notepad. I’m not getting confused. Now I cannot restore all the BAT tokens I’ve been earning since november 2020. I’ve lost it all. Any advise?? I have set my old crypto wallet with my old password. It works just fine. And I’m also logged in into uphold. Also I have a second computer and a cellphone synced. Or how can I create a new 24 recovery words for my Brave Rewards. And Start from scratch. Because I have none right now. If I now choose to reinstall windows again I will loose again all my earned BAT again. Please!


.when my phone was reset and after im download brave browser and check the rewards.rewards lost…how to recover my 20 bat

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