Brave Rewards Wallet Recovery Key

I want to reset my Brave Rewards Wallet recovery key as someone might have seen it, but I couldn’t find the option for it. Can anyone help me?

What do you mean with “reset”?

You mean change it for another recovery key?

As far as i know that’s not possible, is not a thing from brave is like crypto works.

If you want to reset your founds/earnings you can download brave nightly, there is an option to reset your wallet to 0 BAT (But you will not get another combination of words).

What you can do, if you want to be the only one with access to your BAT is to create another wallet and start from zero.

Alright got it! I was wondering what is this wallet, I mean I have linked my uphold account, shouldn’t everything be related to uphold wallet? The recovery key for this wallet, is it for them who have not created uphold yet so that they can recover their earnings when they reinstall Brave? & what do you mean by creating another wallet? like reinstalling Brave?

The short answer is no, it´s not necessary to have an uphold wallet to earn BAT and tip content creators. That´s why actually we have the minium of 25 BAT to withdraw to uphold by the first time in mobile, this due to implicitly say that uphold is not needed. Well that´s how the developers had created the system. Obviusly, if you want to do more, like exchange your BAT for other tokens or that stuff, you need a UPHOLD wallet.

The system works like this: you have your primary wallet (lets call it local wallet) and your secondary wallet (lets call this remote wallet = Uphold). Every earning during the month is counted to be credited to your local wallet, this happends every 5th day, if you don´t have a remote wallet connected your earnings will go directly to your local wallet, if you have a remote wallet connected they will go to Uphold in this case.

Taking in count the past answer, yes, practicly, yes.

If you make a clean install of brave, you activate rewards and you don´t use your seed phrase to recover, you will be using a new wallet. I think the same happends if you make another profile.

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A big thanks for all the information & clearing the situation for me uff phew!

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