Request to help shed light about Rewards

Ever since I changed my DE to KDE, rewards are not functioning like they did on GNOME. I would get 4+ BATs a month on GNOME, now I don’t even get 1. Barely 0.5. I’m on Fedora KDE Plasma. I browse the crap out of the internet. But, I rarely get an ad notification. I don’t know if there are bugs with KDE, or something else. Thoughts are appreciated.

are popup notifications ads showing properly at all? a change in desktop environment could effect that.

looking at kde docs seems there is an urgency threshold setting for notifications, may want to check that and anything similar.

Alright, breadcrumbs, thanks. Ads show, but I only ever notice them when I wake my monitor from blanking/cutting off. I have 0.503 BATs as of today, and I can remember seeing like 5 ads. Historically, the way I browse, I should have 3 - 4 (?). It’s weird. I will look into the notification urgency thing. Thanks again. Maybe someone else will have another idea.

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